Sean F

Sean Fleury

Sean Fleury is a recent graduate of the School of Architecture (SAUL), the University of Limerick. Sean's study at SAUL was a journey of experimentation, investigation and discovery. His thesis ''The Metropolis: the Social Individual, Our Sensual Experience'' examines how people explore, navigate and experience ''the city'' through their sensory functions. Sean set out to design a new urban condition orientated around those who are visually impaired, examining the methodologies adopted around orientation and negotiation of form in the city and the application of these methodologies in the design of a new sensual experience. The Universal Design Elective challenged him to design an architecture that expressed the key functional requirements necessary to explore space when removing our reliance on our visual sensory function. This engaging study which linked closely with the visually impaired community produced many interesting results which he, as an Architect now incorporates as key principles in his design work.