Gorge Daly

George Daly

George Daly is a recent graduate of Saul, the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick, where the approach to design, society and problem solving in general is a very open and experimental one. Having wrapped up her final year in May, she is  glad to have had the opportunity -and privilege- to be part of a school that goes firmly against the grain. This past year has been a very fulfilling one. Her thesis project was about Serious Play Arkidecture, and revolved around designing with and for kids. Her involvement came from a desire to explore new types of schooling and learning systems for children - who are essentially a marginalised part of architectural design- but specifically in order to give them a platform that supports their creative abilities. We all know young people have a capacity for imagining the unimaginable, but we fail to address this powerful gift in the architecture world. For her thesis project she designed a new school system that harnesses rather than stunts this creative ability, and had a lot of fun in the process collaborating with kids on a monthly basis through feed-back workshops. The Universal Design elective she undertook this year at Saul really solidified by desire to become a thoughtful designer, which to her is somebody who reflects upon the real needs and necessities that can often take a back-seat in our domain. She became more and more engaged with the act of seeing from different stand-points, and trying to imagine contrary environmental conditions.


Georgy is living in Paris and will soon begin her final "HMO" studies in order to obtain her full architectural certification.