Eikhaug, Onny

Onny Eikhaug

Onny Eikhaug is a Programme Leader at the Norwegian Design Council, a national strategic body for design in Norway. She has a central responsibility for pioneering the Council's activities in the field of people-centered design and Universal Design. Onny leads the Council's government funded Innovation for All programme promoting Universal Design as a practice and as an effective business tool for innovation. The programme runs a wide variety of activities focusing on enabling knowledge transfer to designers, trade and industry.

She is committed to sustainable, people-focused design and aims to demonstrate the potential of this approach. A key aspect of this is offering motivating and effective methods that can be easily adopted and implemented in everyday practice. She writes, publishes, and lectures both in Norway and internationally, and works closely with designers, education, industry and government using projects and other knowledge transfer mechanisms to achieve this.

She has a broad portfolio of experience in international marketing, sales, innovation, product development and design management in the fields of personal products, ergonomic lighting, and contemporary furniture. She has worked for companies such as Unilever and Luxo across Europe and the US. She was also Managing Director of a Norwegian graphic design company and holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Her business background brings unique focus to the Universal Design arena.