24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon 2015

The 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon (24HrUDHack) is a unique opportunity to work on a design team for 24 hours, to get practice in Universal Design and to present new design concepts to win Awards and Prizes.

The 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon will take place on 12th and 13th November 2015 as part of the two day International Universal Design in Education Conference (UDIEC 2015) in Dublin Castle.

The theme for the 24HrUDHack 2015 is about improving the learning curve of products for a wider range of users.

Participants in previous years have said “It was life changing”, “Intensive and immersive” and “the 24 hour all-nighter is like a full course on UD in one day”.

To apply for a position on one of the five teams, please read the information below and complete the Team Member Application Form.

24 HrUDHack Background Information

24HrUDHack 2015 is operated by the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Irish Universities, and in affiliation with the Irish Year of Design ID2015.

The 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon promotes how “Extremes Inspire the Mainstream” to make “Designs that work for everyone”. It is about creative innovation inspired by Extreme Personas, Extreme Contexts of Use and Extreme Environmental Conditions for optimising interaction and user experiences.

This 24HrUDHack stands on a legacy of 24 Hour Universal and Inclusive Design Challenge events blended with a Hackathon model. Find examples at:




What can I win?

Prize Packages will be awarded to winning teams to promote further development of the new Universal Designs. All participants will be recognised and the 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon will be featured in a range of publications.

How much does it cost?

Participation on a team is free and meals are provided for the 24 hour period. However participants must cover their own travel expenses as well as any accommodation, food and other costs outside of the 24 hour period.

Who will be on the teams?

Up to 50 international participants will be selected to compete on five mixed teams of experienced designers and design educators with support by skilled design students and design users. Each team will work through the 24 hour period to prepare to pitch a new Universal Design concept.

What happens during the Hackathon?

The 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon 2015 starts on 12th November 2015 at Dublin Castle with a free lunch and attendance at a Conference Keynote. The launch of the 24 hour UD Hackathon at 3pm is part of the conference. Then the design teams go to their design space in a boardroom at the Radisson Hotel.

During the 24 hours, design supplies, free meals and one hotel room for each team will be provided. The 24 hour design period finishes at 3pm and starting at 4pm each design team will have 6 minutes to present their new Universal Design to a jury of design champions and the conference audience.

A keynote is provided during jury deliberation followed by the presentation of the Judges’ Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award to the winning teams.


24 HrUDHack Team Member Application Form

The 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon 2015 is open to any experienced designer and design educators from any country. No prior experience in Universal Design is required.

Successful applicants will be notified and provided with further details and arrangements. Find the 24HrUDHack Team Member Application Form.

NOTE: the 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon 2015 is being held in parallel to the International Universal Design in Education Conference in Dublin (UDIEC 2015). Since these two events will take place at the same time, UDIEC 2015 conference attendees will not be able to compete in the 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon. Likewise 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon team members will not be able to attend the UDIEC 2015 conference sessions.

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